Trophy List

Trophy List

(Only one trophy per player)

54 Holes NSWVGA Events

Strokeplay Champion and Winner of Des Coady Shield

(Sponsored by Warren Saunders Insurance Brokers)

Strokeplay Champion Runner Up

Overall Net Winner and Runner Up

3 Age Strokeplay Champions

Strokeplay Winner in each Grade

Net Winner in each Grade

18 Holes NSWVGA Events

Scratch and Net Winner in each Grade each day.

Nearest the pins for each grade and ball run down each day.


Please note that the field will be divided into three grades, rather than age divisions, but that age division championship prizes will be presented over the 54 holes gross event. The entry fee of $99 covers green fees and trophy costs.  NOTE: The entry fee ($99) for those electing to play on all 3 days includes the cost of a meal on the final day at Stonecutters Ridge. Entries Close on Monday, 31st March, 2014