Season Opens on a Bright Note

20 Feb 2017

Glenmore Veterans hosted the opening Event of the 2017 Interclub golfing season in magnificent, almost surreal conditions in the Heritage Valley at the foot of the Blue Mountains.

Given the extreme weather of recent weeks, the day was perfect with warm sunshine and a cool breeze sunning the players on the course and in the outdoor balcony of the historic clubhouse.

The scoring reflected the toughness of the layout, with only 6 players breaking ‘par’ in a full field of 144 players. Gary Denny (Leonay) had the honour of best stableford score on the day with 40 points. The well-placed hazards and subtle breaks on the greens extracted more revenge from all who played last season. Even the locals’ best score from John Ross was a ‘modest’ (ie. good) 35.

Dunheved Veterans celebrated their 2016 Club of the Year success in front of their admiring colleagues, while Players of the Year, Peter Green (Dunheved) and Judy Benson (Richmond), were recognized for individual outstanding performances in 2016.

Leading Scores on the Day

Men                                                      Women

40 Gary Denny (Leonay)                  38 Jo-Ellen Thorpe (Wallacia)

39 Joe Sainsbury (Dunheved)        32 Judy Benson (Richmond)

39 Chris Evans (Richmond)           31 Sue Evers (Leonay)

38 Nad Pillay (Leonay)                     29 Toni Gulli (Glenmore)

38 Rod King (Richmond)                 29 Helen Preskett (Glenmore)

36 Ian Jordan (Richmond)               28 Sarah Dean (Glenmore)


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