It All Comes Down To The Last Day

2 Nov 2016

Two remarkable rounds, a beautiful spring day, a well prepared but very testing golf course and feirce rivalry among the clubs were some of the highlights of the Western Sydney Veterans Inter Club Event on Friday 28 October.

As it stands, with one round to go, just three clubs could win the prestigious Guardian Funerals Club of the Year for 2016. Dunheved have a 7 point lead over Wallacia, with Richmond still a late chance of snatching victory on their home course.

Noel Byles (41) and Sue Evers (40) streeted the fields on a day when the course fought back and most players simply limped to the line. Only 6 players in a total field of 137 managed to break their handicaps. Even the locals struggled on this tight course with small and slippery greens.

Everyone enjoyed the refreshments in the clubhouse, a far more friendly place. Congratulations to Springwood Golf Club and Mark Mostyn and team for battling away with illegible cards and temperamental software. The raffle was great!

The final Inter Club event is at Richmond Golf Club on Tuesday, 15 November.


MEN                                                                           LADIES

41   Noel Byles (Richmond)                  40   Sue Evers (Leonay)

37   Warren Husband (Glenmore)      34    Liz Paynter (Springwood)

37   Peter Whiddon (Dunheved)          34   Sarah Dean (Glenmore)

37   Keith Kam (Stonecutters)             34   Judith Knox (Leonay)

37   Jeff Main (Springwood)                 33   Judy Benson (Richmond)

36   Ron Kelly (Springwood)                 33    Barbara Strathdee (Glenmore)

36   Colin Webber (Springwood)         31    Dot Willmington (Glenmore)

36   Ron Thomas (Leonay)                    30    Di Clark (Richmond)

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