Slope Handicapping System


The Slope Handicapping System:

This summary was provided by Golf Australia when they introduced the 'slope’ handicapping system.

  • The slope system started on 23 January 2014.
  • Slope ratings for all courses were released in September 2013.
  • Slope ratings vary considerably from course to course, eg the slope rating off white makers at Leonay is 113, Penrith 120, Richmond 124, and Stonecutters Ridge 127.
  • Slope ratings range between 155 (highest for hardest courses), and 55 (lowest for easiest courses) and the neutral rating is 113.
  • All players still have a Golf Australia (GA) Handicap, eg 18.4
  • Before playing in any competition players must work out their Daily Handicap. Hopefully this will be done by computers at all respective clubs.
  • Members must play off their daily handicap and not their GA Handicap.  It is the player’s responsibility to ensure they play off their daily handicap.
  • Member’s Daily Handicaps are worked out by taking their GA Handicap (eg 18.4) and multiplying it by the slope rating on the course that they are playing (eg 128).  Divide the sum by the Neutral Slope Rating which is 113, to give the member's daily handicap.
  • Daily Handicap = GA Handicap x Slope Rating divided by Neutral Slope Rating (ie 113)
  • The daily handicap must appear on the score card, which is the player’s responsibility.
  • Score cards will show course rating and slope rating, eg Men white 71 Men white slope 120.
  • All scores must be converted to stableford points before being sent to Golf Link for handicapping.  This provides a fairer indication of how a player played on the day.  For example, in a stroke round a player could have 17 on one hole, which does not clearly indicate how they played on the other 17 holes.
  • Daily Scratch Rating (DSR) will appear on player records at Golf Link, but that will not affect results of competitions already completed.
  • The DSR can not vary by more than 4 above or 3 below the scratch rating.
  • The DSR is worked out by Golf Link from millions of cards already submitted and the overall scores recorded during specific competitions. 

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