President’s Report



I have a great deal of pleasure in presenting this annual report on the activities of WSRVGA during 2013.


Our Association has had another outstandingly successful year.  This could not have been achieved without the hard work and dedication from my fellow Executive, Club Councillors and the tournament organizers at each of the events conducted throughout the year.


I would like thank Terry Sharpe, who has indicated that he will not be seeking re-election as Vice President, for the efforts he has put into the Association.


Special mentioned should be made of the men and women members of our Association who have played in WSRVGA sanctioned events throughout the year for the manner in which they have played and conducted themselves thus enabling us to achieve one of the Association’s main objectives to ‘play golf in a spirit of keen competition and good fellowship with a strong emphasis on social interchange’. 


However, we must not rest on our laurels if we are going to continue to attract either capacity or almost capacity fields in interclub events, as we have done throughout the year.  This became evident when the size of the field for the two day event at Richmond and Stonecutters Ridge Golf Courses was somewhat disappointing.  Perhaps it is time for the Association to look at rotating the courses where this event is played.


During 2014 it might be necessary for the Association to look at whether they wish to expand, inviting such clubs as Dunheved and Lynwood to join our Association.  If extra clubs were to join, then we would have to look at conducting events in 2 divisions.


Throughout the year there have been some discussions suggesting that interclub events should be all conducted along similar lines, but I would remind everyone that the running of interclub events is entirely up to the respective organizing committees.


Although our Association is the youngest group within the NSWVGA, we were granted the hosting rights of the NSWVGA Stroke Play Championships for the next three years.  I believe this is a clear recognition of the high regard our Association is held.  The Championships will be held at Richmond, Penrith and Stonecutters Ridge Golf Courses in 2014.  Organization of this event is already well advanced.


During 2013 the Constitution of the NSWVGA was amended to allow women to join that Association through their respective Clubs and Associations.  A number of changes will be required to our Constitution to facilitate those changes. 


One of the biggest challenges facing all Clubs and Associations in 2014 will be the introduction of the ‘Slope Golf Australia Handicap System’, which will become fully operational on the 23 January 2014.  Slope adjusts a player’s handicap to the course they are playing by using that course’s Slope Rating, thus giving a player a ‘Daily Handicap’.


When most changes occur, there are always some ‘teething problems’, but hopefully the introduction will run reasonably smoothly.  I would suggest that you don’t worry too much about the methods used to rate courses, but try and understand the two main components that will affect players, e.g. Golf Australia Handicap and Daily Handicap.  Don’t worry too much about the Daily Scratch Rating (DSR), as that will be worked out by Golf Link for handicapping purposes, but will not be made retrospective affecting competition results.


The website is still a ‘work in progress’, but hopefully with the assistance of Melinda McIlwaine and the Richmond Club we will see it up and running in 2014.  Noel, it would be appreciated if you could convey our gratitude to Melinda and the Richmond Club for their support and expertise in reaching the stage we have with the website.


The Association is indeed very fortunate to have a number of generous sponsors including The Richmond Club, Australand Pty. Ltd and Dunn and Farrugia.  It is through their very generous sponsorship that the Association have been able to provide each club with $300-00 to assist with the running of their events.


I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all members of the Executive and Council for their work and the support you have given to me during the year.  For those of you who are not seeking re-election or are no longer able to stand, thank you for the time and effort you have put in.  Hopefully at some time in the future I will have the pleasure of again working with you.


In conclusion, on behalf of my wife and myself, I wish you and your respective families a very happy and safe festive season.  Hopefully 2014 brings some good rounds of golf, but above all good health and friendship with fellow veteran golfers.


Les Knox

President WSRVGA